Why Choose Frisch?

We specialize in creating unique, memorable wedding invitations, and fresh print and web design solutions for any individual or business. Every creation is a one of a kind work of art reflecting your individuality and our polished craftsmanship.

With our broad range of experience and natural born talent, we can service all your creative needs. Just shoot us an email, we are anxious to get to know you!

Our passion is design and exquisite creativity is our style.

What is FRISCH?

[adj.] german translation for “fresh”; original and of a kind not seen before; with restored energy; excitingly or refreshingly different.

Kristen Rosenstock

Kristen Rosenstock


I love the challenge of design, putting something together in a different way to give it emotion and purpose. In 2005 I graduated from Kent State University’s Visual Communication Design program with a minor in Advertising.

I live in a south Cleveland suburb with my husband, two daughters and four fur-babies. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy being near the water, practicing yoga, and living a healthy lifestyle.