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There are 3 main printing methods for wedding invitations that all have a different style and pricepoint: Digital, letterpress, and thermography.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most cost effective and versatile printing process. You can print any color, you are not limited in design and it doesn’t cost more for each additional color. It can be done quickly and efficiently but may not have the highest quality appearance.


Thermography is a raised printing style. Each color is an additional charge and you are somewhat limited to simpler designs. This style is not as common these days and most often seen in business cards.


Letterpress printing is, in our opinion, the most beautiful of the printing methods and looks lovely on wedding invitations. This is an engraved style, meaning the design is pressed into the paper and creates recessed areas. This method is a little more costly, but definitely gives another level of elegance to your wedding invitations.

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